In the Halo Mythic, there are many races to play as, and each has a set of specializations and abilities. With time and the countless firefights, your character will acquire new feats and find strength once unknown to him.

You have many races in which to choose, each with their own limitations and abilities. When choosing each race, remember that there are guidelines of which to follow.

  1. Humanity
    1. Insurrectionist
    2. UNSC
      1. UNSC Defense Force
        1. ORION: Before the Spartans
        2. The SPARTAN-II Program
        3. The SPARTAN-III Program
        4. The SPARTAN-IV Program
        5. ODST: Helljumpers
        6. UNSC Marines
        7. UNSC Air Force
        8. UNSC Army
        9. UNSC Navy
  2. Covenant Empire
    1. Sangheili (Elites)
      1. Zealots
    2. Jiralhanae (Brutes)
      1. Chieftains
    3. San 'Shyuum (Prophets)
    4. Mgalekgolo (Hunters)
    5. Unggoy (Grunts)
    6. Kig-Yar (Jackals & Skirmishers)
    7. Yanme'e (Drones)
    8. Huraggok (Engineers)
    9. Stealth & Stalkers
    10. Yonhet
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