Step 1: Generating Characteristics Edit

Characteristics are generated in a set of 10 Rolls of 2D10. Once you have figured out all 10 Rolls, you pick each Characteristic listed for the Soldier Type that was selected and choose which Roll is added to it.

The base of each Characteristic depends on the Soldier Type that is chosen, so if an ODST has been chosen, make sure to use the information that comes with the ODST’s Character Creation Page. The combined number is the total Characteristic, which can be increased by spending Experience and other various means.

Step 2: Credits & Experience Edit

Every player is given 500 CR Icon (cR) and a tier of Exp Icon (experience) to build their Characters with. The GM may decide the amount of Experience based on Tiers, which are listed below from 1 through 6. The GM does not have to select a Tier in which to use, they may also decide to their own amount.

When Choosing a Soldier Type, one must first pay its Experience Cost. This means that a Soldier Type, such as the ODST, costs 3,200 Experience to play as. If a Character was given 5,000 Experience, they are able to purchase the ODST Soldier Type but not have enough to purchase a Spartan II. This Purchase leaves them with 1,800 Experience left to spend on Abilities, Skills, Educations, and Characteristic Enhancements. Some Characters come with optional purchases that can be made at Character Creation, this is where Experience can come into play later on, as well.

Once you are finished spending your Experience, you are able to spend your cR on Equipment, Weaponry, and other Armor and Goods your Character can use. These Goods can be purchased immediately while not in a Mission. If the Character is in a Mission and cannot have immediate access to the item, they must use a Support Point to call in a Drop. Support Points are given to Characters every Mission, which can be earned as well.

Characters may swap cR, purchase items for each other, and even, if chosen by the GM, share a cR pool, instead of having a different pool for each character.

Here you can find the steps to making your Halo Mythic Character.

  1. Soldier Types
  2. Starting cR and XP
  3. Upbringing
  4. Environment
  5. Lifestyle Choices
  6. Education
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